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The arborvitae tree is actually a very big low-maintenance shrub that can be used.

Pruning Arborvitae to Shorten a Tall Hedge Late spring after flowering - After the arborvitae has flowered and before mid summer is the best time to prune back a tall hedge row. The plant can maintain itself after flowering and maintain the height you are looking for.

No trimming is necessary.

Dec 10, Like most evergreens, arborvitae should be trimmed while it is dormant. This is roughly from about Thanksgiving to St.

Patrick's Day. Many gardeners like to prune these evergreens. The University of Florida's IFAS Extension recommends soaking a tool in disinfectant for five minutes, rinsing it with water and allowing it to dry before it is used. 2 Evaluate the Golden Globe. Prune the globe arborvitae in late fall or early winter, before the candle growth develops in the spring. Use small hedge shears to cut off a few of the oldest and tallest branches, removing them at or slightly above ground level to renew the plant.

Step 3 Cut back the previous year's growth about 1/4 to 1/2, encouraging a thick-growing plant.

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Trim your overgrown arborvitae in the spring before new green growth appears, but after the last hard frost occurs in your region. Step 2 Cut away dead, discolored or diseased foliage, plus twigs and small branches from the interior and perimeter of the tree or shrub. Compost or discard the clippings. They do best with regular irrigation that allows enough time for the soil to dry out between waterings. Fertilize 3 times a year - in spring, summer, and fall - with a top quality granular fertilizer.

Plant spacing. Place an arborvitae at least 8 feet - more, if possible - from the house, drive, and anything else.

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