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The leaves are turning yellow and dropping but slowly.

Sep 16, If you’re watering too little or not often enough, your lime tree could be getting stressed and dropping its fruit (and maybe even blossoms and leaves too). The key to watering a lime tree successfully is to water after the top inches of soil dries out.

While this is a quick summary, we put together a guide to explore this further.

Usually, this means watering once every weeks, depending on the soil and treefalling.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Jul 17, Low light levels area common reason for leaf drop and sometimes shoots may die back. The plant should be placed in a position where it receives the brightest light.

Any shoots that have died should be pruned back to healthy wood. Sudden temperature changes or low temperatures can result in the loss of leaves.

This is more likely to occur in winter. infected, fallen leaves decompose during the summer rains and produce inoculum for one to four months to infect leaves that will drop the following spring.

If your lime tree has citrus canker, consider using organic sprays with copper and pruning the infected leaves.

Once you have greasy spot, the cheapest, simplest, most effective control strategy is to remove and destroy fallen citrus leaves near the infected tree. Jan 14, Improper watering or poor soil drainage around the Key lime's roots can contribute to a lime tree losing leaves.

Over-watering is a common cause of Key lime leaf yellowing and drop. Sep 13, When the tree drops leaves due to high heat or water stress, as long as conditions return to normal, the tree will start to grow new leaves within a couple of weeks.

Citrus trees.

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