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A number (about 5 so far) of the bottom leaves are falling off. First the change from all green to green and yelow. The middle"seam" turns all yellow. The yellow then spreads out sideways in the leaf. Yellow Leaves on a Lemon Tree. Often, lemon tree leaves turn yellow when the plant is experiencing some kind of major change in nutritional intake. This might mean that the plant has a parasite or it could indicate a need for improved feeding techniques.

Here are a few of the most common reasons your lemon leaves are turning yellow: Seasonal. Jan 18, My indoor lemon tree leaves have been turning yellow and falling off over the last few months.

Soil Features Zinc deficiency will cause yellow stripes to appear near the leaf veins but will also be accompanied by stunted twigs and fruit drop. Leaves on over-watered trees flatten and droop. To establish young trees, water thoroughly three times the first week. Water two times a week for the following two weeks. After four weeks, water only when the soil is dry 1 inch below the soil surface. Water lemon trees from the trunk to the edge of the tree's drip line until the soil is wet 2.

The plant is suitable for nutrient-poor soils, or those that do not have the essential nutrients.

23 thoughts on “ Yellow or pale citrus leaves ” Aye April 27, at am. Hello, I am about to adopt this lemon tree and it doesn’t look at it’s best. The leaves on the tree turns yellow but the veins are still green. I live in England and Spring just started. This is my very first time taking care of a tree and learning how to. Identifying which leaves turn yellow first and how the yellowing starts provides clues to common deficiencies 1 such as these: Nitrogen deficiency shows up as a general yellowing.

Older, inner leaves turn yellow first. As it progresses, yellowing moves outward, eventually reaching young leaves, too.

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